About Us

We are provides Inspection, Calibration, Specialized Technical Service and Trading.


WASL provides Inspection, Repairing, Calibration, and Trading service of Pressure, Temperature, Electric, Mechanical, Dimensional Equipment and all types of Measurement and Test Equipment.

WASL is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We can calibrate your testing instruments to meet the latest international standards and you can be assured that your data and products are more readily accepted locally as well as around the world.

We welcome the opportunity to address your calibration enquiry. Please contact us with any concerns or for equipment enquiry at sales@wasl-ksa.com


WASL Process

All WASL calibration procedures are carefully crafted to meet the ISO 17025:2005 which is the global benchmark of the calibration practices. All WASL calibrations masters are traceable to the National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) or UKAS or other National/International standards.

Our goal is to provide the customer with efficient, quality service. WASL's technical service is administered using current state-of the art calibration devices. Our highly qualified calibration engineers ensure customers are 100% satisfied with the service provided, every time. One month prior to the Calibration Recall Date of your firm's equipment, WASL will provide you with a recall letter, listing equipment and calibration due dates. With the flexibility of both onsite and in-house calibration services, we offer customers excellent variety so they can manage their calibration and metrology requirements effectively.

WASL's Certificates of Calibration are the industry’s most professional and thorough, official document. The certificates are forwarded to the customer within five working days of the completed job order. WASL maintains file copies of your calibration records for a minimum of three years. A complete historical database was developed for each piece of equipment calibrated by WASL including the standards used for its calibration.

When you looking for a calibration service, please call WASL, so that we may mutually understand each other better and the service WASL is prepared to provide.